Wednesday, 18 June 2014

How to Choose the Right International School

Though there are a number of CBSE schools in Hyderabad, all of them will not have the same facilities or amenities. Each school has its own culture, and follows it own concept of teaching and education. When you look for an international CBSE school for your child, you should take into consideration various aspects and features to ensure your little one gets the best education.

The first aspect of the school that you should check is whether the school is recognized by the Central Board of Secondary Education. When you are admitting your child in a school, you would prefer a school that has classes from kindergarten to class twelve. So, your child may not have to change school in between.

The school that you select for your child should have a good infrastructure with spacious classrooms and well-equipped laboratories. Plus, the furniture and other amenities provided for the children should be child safe.

Most international schools in Hyderabad offer a range of extracurricular activities such as horse riding, dancing, karate and more. Though most of the activities may be compulsory, some programs are optional. So, you can choose the right type of extracurricular activity for your child depending on his or her talents and interests.

Another important aspect you should check is the size of the playground in the school. Even if your child is not sports oriented, it is essential for them to play at least for sometime during the day, so their physical development is not hampered in any way. Also ensure that your child is encouraged to participate in some kind of game or track event, in order to develop their physical strength and team activities.

When you are checking out different CBSE schools in Hyderabad for your child, you should also check about the reputation of the school in the locality. Talk to parents of children of that school to find out the culture of the school. After you get a good idea of the culture, think if your child will be happy in such an environment before you decide to place your child in that school.

Then you should find out about the teachers of the school. The teachers of the school should not only be well qualified, but also well experienced. The teachers should have the right attitude and be cordial with the students.

After considering all these aspects, choose the best international school in Hyderabad for your child.

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